Home Again

To those of you who were incredulous when we started talking about this journey: we did it! We’ve traveled 20,339 miles, including 2,260 miles driven on gravel or dirt roads, 2,120 by train, 410 by ocean-going car ferry, 400 miles by bush plane, 270 miles by raft or Zodiac and 205 miles hiking! We dipped our toes in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, Lake Superior, Hudson Bay and the Arctic Ocean. We saw areas so remote that even most Canadians have never been there. 

We’ve seen mountains and wildlife beyond all expectations, talked with the most interesting assortment of people, learned a great deal about First Nations cultures and the history of exploration and resource extraction in the North. We’ve read and listened to a sample of the literature of each region.  We’ve stayed in lodges, bed & breakfasts, cabins, motels, tents—only once as many as three nights in the same place. And we’ve eaten a great deal of outstanding food. We’ve walked on sandy beaches, hiked through deep rain forests, climbed to incredible mountain vistas, rafted  through canyons, boated between rocky islands, flown over tundra lakes, lain down in alpine meadows.

And Steve and I celebrated our 35 years of marriage with this incredible adventure. Being together all the time, every day for three months, including 17,000 miles in the car, we didn’t run out of things to talk about. We’re stronger, better, closer for it. And I’m grateful for a husband who plans so thoroughly, shares so many interests, stands by me no matter what, and keeps my life so interesting. And we’re both grateful to God for looking after us as we explored His beautiful world.

Now it’s very good to be home, swapping stories with our wonderful daughter Angie and son-in-law Nick who took such good care of our place (and left it better organized than they found it.) Tomorrow Steve will speak at opening convocation to a fresh crop of Augie students and their parents. (He’s clean shaven again. What grows in Canada stays in Canada….)  

Thanks for coming along on the journey! Dare to do what you’ve never done before.